W6 Launching

2016.04.10 walk&rest
The launch of W6 by walk&rest was featured in Busan.com.
Walk Lightly in Spring with Mellow Wedge Heel
Contemporary shoe brand walk&rest, offering “soft shoes” with unique and colorful designs, has launched Mellow Wedge Heel for the spring season.
Mellow Wedge Heel features new plastic-type material developed by TENDERATE. The lightweight shoes offer soft cushioning, which protects the feet from stress that would have come from wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time, while not losing the aesthetics of feminine style shoes. The insole provides soft feel by using Chamude leather, while the outsole protects the feet from impact as it is made with hardy material developed by TENDERATE. Wide heel is made with rubber to prevent the feet from slipping while also keeping them comfortable with its elasticity.
Combining the comfortableness of flats and chic beauty of heels, Mellow Wedge Heel looks good in a wide range of styles at workplaces or in casual settings. The Mellow Wedge Heel shoes come in five different colors – solid black, ash gray, deep navy, nude beige, and denim red.
walk&rest was launched by TENDERATE after having spent 27 years in developing high-performance footwear material. Under the philosophy of “resting while walking,” the brand offers a variety of shoes that satisfy both the practicality and style while allowing the wearers to enjoy relaxed and easygoing daily life.