PAPA BUBBLE X walk&rest collaboration

2016.04.08 walk&rest
A collaboration project between PAPABUBBLE and walk&rest was introduced in Fashionbiz.
walk&rest Shoes Meet Handmade Candies
TENDERATE’s contemporary shoe brand, walk&rest, and Spanish handmade candy brand PAPABUBBLE joined together in a collaborative collection, PAPABUBBLE X walk&rest. walk&rest was launched in 2014 by TENDERATE after having spent 27 years in developing high-performance footwear material. Just as implied in its brand name, walk&rest claims to offer shoes that satisfy both the style and comfortableness in everyday life.
This collaboration collection was inspired by the similarity of the two brands’ manufacturing process, from carefully selection of materials and molding them to shaping and finishing the product.
This collection also includes the specially designed “walk&rest ring” under the catchphrase “Enjoy the Present.”
The collection offers walk&rest’s two lineups – steady-selling flats for women and Mary Jane for Kids – in four different colors of PAPABUBBLE – Candy Red, Candy Green, Candy Gray, and Candy Blue.