Launch of F2

2014.09.20 walk&rest
The Korea Economic Daily featured the launching of walk&rest’s F2 lineup
Light as Barefeet, Soft as Jelly – Marshmallow Flat Shoes
walk&rest is a shoe brand offering footwear that provide both the formality of heels and comfortableness of sneakers. Under the slogan of “resting while walking,” the brand has presented flats made with light and soft materials. And the main product for the F/W season is mellow shoes.
A mellow shoe does not exceed 70 grams. While it’s softer than jelly shoes, the air curve pattern carved on the interior prevents the feet from slipping. They come in two different shapes – round toes and pointy toes – in seven different colors. walk&rest is the first project launched by TENDERATE, a company focusing on development of high-performance materials for shoes. The walk&rest shoes are made with TPE material, invented by TENDERATE. TPE is elastic, high-molecule material that becomes malleable when heat is applied but solidifies at a room temperature.
walk&rest has focused on the walking lives of career women and introduced stylish shoes that would go along with all types of outfit, while allowing them a comfortable walk.