August Issue of Design Magazine

2017.08.28 walk&rest
walk&rest was featured in the August issue of Design Magazine
walk&rest was featured in the August issue of Design Magazine, one of Korea’s most celebrated design magazines. The magazine featured an interview held at TENDERATE’s facility in Korea, and it touches on the brand’s story and shoes manufacturing process.
Soft Rubber that Turns into Anything
walk&rest is an ultra-light shoes product consisting of upper and outsole, each made with different materials and colors. The upper and outsole are held together without any seam as they are made with the company’s patented “dual-injection mold” method which does not require cutting out the outsole and gluing on to the body. This method is well-suited for mass-production. The core technique, however, is the one that controls the ratio of materials with different hardness and elasticity. A master with 20 years of experience would shoot two different materials in one mold in a precise ratio, and in 10 minutes, you’d have a pair of shoes ready as if they have been freshly baked out of oven.
“TENDERATE wasn’t actually founded to become a shoe brand. Essentially, it’s a company that offers designs that would maximize the physicality and technologies of premium materials. Our designers believe that the special rubber material made by Comtech Chemical has real big potentials to be used not only in shoes but also in a stool or a building’s exterior and floors.”
- Park Sang-jun, CEO of TENDERATE