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  • 01.I have wider feet. Can I find a pair of walk&rest?

    For wider feet, it is recommended choosing larger size by 0.5 (in US or EU) and/or KR/JP 5mm (in Korea and Japan)

  • 02.Are the insoles of walk&rest products detachable?

    All insoles are detachable, and without insoles, you can wear them as rain shoes. You can purchase the insoles separately.

  • 03.Isn’t it too hot to wear during summer season?

    Air Curve technology applied to insole provides pleasant experience during the hottest days of year. But if you seek more pleasant experience, it is recommended purchasing our Hidden Socks, the sock products designed for walk&rest.

  • 04.I can’t find the pair I’m looking for. How can I place an order?

    If you can’t find the pair, please send your inquiry to our help desk. (tenderate@ctc-bionics.com) We will assist you within 2 ~ 3 business days.

  • 05.Do you have any plans to launch men’s shoes?

    We’re currently placing our focus on women’s shoes.

  • 06.Can I purchase insoles separately?

    Yes, insoles can be purchased separately; currently, insoles of F2 and Mary Jane for Kids are available.

  • 07.Can I wear the products on rainy or snowy days?

    Yes. It would be less slippery with our products on, but we advise you to be cautious on wet surface or marvel tile. Please avoid tough exercises or hazardous areas. Also, please avoid sprint with the products on.

  • 08.Can I wear during winter season?

    You can always wear them indoors, and outdoors within short distance.

  • 09.How high are the heels?

    3cm for F3 Flat, 2cm for F2, 6cm for Wedge Heels.

  • 10.What is the difference between F2 and F3?

    F3 products offer higher heels than F2 by 1cm. And with outsole grip 1.5 times as wide as F2, F3 presents more comfort. For formal occasions, we recommend choosing F3 products, and for casual occasions, F2 products.

  • 11.Can I have heels repaired?

    For F2 and F3, you can’t have heels repaired. Since the outsoles are as durable and hard as sports shoes, you can wear your products for long unless you walk around rough surfaced areas. For Wedge Heels and Kids products, you can have heels repaired separately. We offer 1-year warranty for all products. (* For international customers, repair service is not available)

  • 12.What kind of materials are walk&rest products made with?

    walk&rest products are made with TPE based materials developed by Tenderate. The material offers softness and comfort.

  • 13.What is TPE?

    TPE stands for Thermo Plastic Elastomer. This thermoplastic material feels similar to rubber and melts in high temperature to return to its original shape. Conventional rubber, in contrast, is thermoset that once it is affected by heat, it cannot recover its original shape. TPE are relatively easier materials in terms of quality management and injection molding that it is used in wide array of industries. Furthermore, TPE is also eco-friendly material, since it is made from recycled material. TPE is being increasingly used and expanding its market size.


  • 01.What is my shipping status?

    You can find out shipping status via email. For more information, please contact our help desk, tenderate@ctc-bionics.com. All shipping is made on our business days, Monday through Friday. Delivery time may differ by countries, requiring 3 to 7 business days.

  • 02.Where else can I buy walk&rest products?

    You can purchase at offline stores, as well as online stores. You can find out more at STORE LOCATION.

  • 03.What currencies do you accept?

    You can make your payment by KRW in Korea, and by USD for international orders.

  • 04.I’m interested in distribution of walk&rest products.


  • 01.How much is shipping fee?

    For international shipping, shipping fee may differ by countries; please check on the payment page of our website.

  • 02.Where do you ship your products?

    walk&rest products are shipped to 44 countries around the globe with delivery time of 3 – 7 business days. You can check a list of countries that the products can be shipped on our website.

  • 03.What is your return policy?

    1) Products Without Defects
    Price tags must still be attached to the item in order to request a refund or exchange. Only unused items with price tags are refundable or exchangeable within 30 days of purchase. 1) Request your return or exchange to our help desk managers via email (tenderate@ctc-bionics.com) or online bulletin board 2) We will response in 2 to 3 business days 3) Mail your items to the following address with your information: 8-48, Bunseong-ro 727beon-gil, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea 04419 / Tel. 82-1588-9617 / Name: Comtech Chemical Co.Ltd 4) Upon arrival, the refund and/or exchange to be proceeded (* after inspection, we refuse to return or exchange of used items.)
    5) In this case, we are not responsible for the return shipping costs of the items.

    2) Products With Defects
    For products with defects, exchange and/or refund will be proceeded free of charge. 1) Send your request, with photographed image and description, via email (tenderate@ctc-bionics.com). 2) Managers will assist you, within 3 – 5 business days after receiving the request, and proceed the exchange and/or refund.
    3) In this case, any type of shipping will be free of charge.


  • 01.Can you tell more about Tenderate?
    Tenderate is a company that seeks to offer grounds for well-balanced and comfortable lifestyle with its products optimized from users’ perspective, with consideration on a variety of circumstances and environment surrounding the users. Tenderate is a joint investment corporation, under partnership between a manufacturer with 28 years of extensive experience in production of functional footwear and mid and outsole products, and a company with creative ideas and talents. With introduction of walk&rest, the company has transformed into a developer of novel and advanced materials.
  • 02.Where are walk&rest products manufactured?
    All walk&rest products are currently made in Korea.